Cincinnati Circus Company

About The Project

The Cincinnati Circus Company had a need for large retractable banners that would work well for trade shows, conventions and even the events themselves.  This particular set of banners were for their breathtaking stunt show. They needed to convey the excitement, daring and beauty of the performance for potential clients and spectators alike.


The show is performed by a duo of one male and one female performer. With a vast selection of photos already in their possession to choose from, I settled on the two seen above. A daring wheel walker and a beautiful aerialist. 

The photos chosen display the beauty and excitement of the performances. The masculine and feminine aspect in the color of the background. The sky blue for the wheel walker, complemented with the magenta of the photo for th aerialist. Day and night is another element of the duality represented. The performance is dependent on two performers and the project need to show that yin and yang part of the show.

The clean typography that is used in the company logo  was utilized for the text on the banners. More photo editing was used to give the text depth and a slight 3d appearance. The same typeface was used on the bottom of the banners for consistency. Company logos were also added to the banners so they would be branded and identifiable.