Cincy Aerial Arts

About The Project

Cincy Aerial Arts needed a slick and artistic website to showcase their aerialist performers and showcase the services, classes and performance offerings they had available. I was given the url of a competitors site for inspiration. The Cincy Aerial Arts site was meant to be a direct competitor to the other performance group. The site would need branding and logo design and original body copy to describe their services.


To compete with the competition, the branding needed to be elegant and simple. Using a thin san serif font, I placed a vector trace of an aerialist inside the “C” of Cincy in the logo. My intent was to keep it clean and mostly typographical.

For the site, I was presented with a set of photos that contained the aerialists performing under a graffiti covered train trestle.I pulled various shades of blue and black from the photo to use as background colors for the content.

Anticipating that I would need to capture user attention as quickly as possible, I placed “previews” of the site content in various sections of the homepage. Site visitors would not have to navigate away from the main page to get a taste of the information they would find inside.

I packed the homepage with videos, a client section and an extra contact form at the bottom of the homepage. On a mobile device, the site has a dedicated call us now button to encourage visitors using mobile phones to easily take action.

Internal section were broken up into classes, show performances and private event performances. A blog was added to increase the SEO of the page and alert visitors of what the aerial group has to offer and of any public performances they may be participating in.

Extensive work went into choosing images from their photo library. The content writing uses careful wording, in order to catch certain keywords and work directly against their competitor for page rank.

Body copy was originally written by myself, but some headers were edited for optimization by an outside individual that is close with the group.