Dan Luckett magic

About The Project

Dan Luckett a magician from Cincinnati Ohio needed a website to showcase himself and his work. He was after something of a traditional magician look and already had photos from a recent photo shoot to use. Though Dan works for an agency, he desired his own web presence for showcasing himself.


With no branding or idea of what he wanted, I was tasked with creating an identity and site based on the photos provided. I wanted to provide Dan with a site that would show his personality and skill. 

Dan is skilled at card tricks, hypnotism and much more, so I decided a card theme was appropriate for his site.For the logo, I chose a typeface that was reminiscent of the designs on the back of a deck of cards. Using just his name on the top of the design and the word magic under it, using card suits to separate the letters. 

Opting for a scrolling one page site, I was excited to add a parallax effect to the hero image. In Photoshop, I removed the cards from the background and edited the photo into layers. Scrolling on the site gives the cards a falling effect or levitation feel depending on the direction. Without a lot of body content, I used several of Dan’s great photos to break up the information into small sections.

Playing cards were edited and used as testimonial boxes on the page, and the site was completed with a contact form at the bottom.