Louisville Casino Night

About The Project

Built for Louisville Casino Night, the site needed to be easy to navigate and contain elements for simple booking and the descriptions of available services. Logo, assets and web design were done solely by myself. Stylize the site, aiming at high end casino parties in Louisville Kentucky. The site should be elegant and attract visitors that enjoy all that Louisville has to offer. The site needed to be responsive and easy to navigate.


Focusing on the luxurious style that represents Louisville, dark rich colors were the first choice made for the project.

The typography was chosen to be simple, easily readable and to continue a rich style throughout the website.

I was aiming to give visitors the same feeling they might get at the Kentucky Derby. Opulence, elegance and class were the operative words when designing the site.

Decor, tables and entertainment were broken up into separate pages and organized accordingly. A parent page containing the information from all three sections was constructed to allow users to find all of the information on a single page, should they find it through random clicking.

The site was built on a WordPress platform for easy maintenance and updating content quickly.

SEO for this site was performed by the companies senior in-house developer.