Vintage Soul Salvage

About The Project

Vintage Soul Salvage is a new company that specializes in procuring vintage furniture, decorations and more. They then refinish or repurpose these items to sell online. The main focus is on Mid Century Modern pieces and housewares. The owner wanted a logo design that was mostly typographical that looked mid century, but not so much that it would preclude her from working in other design eras.


With a long business name, it was important to layout the logo so it was a compact and easy to read as possible. I separated the name into two sections. “Vintage Soul” would run across the top and “Salvage” would be under those two words. 

I chose a fat faced serif font for the words “Vintage Soul”. The typeface has a classic look that could be any time period. I complimented it with a sharp edged san serif for the word “Salvage” Using this evokes the sharp edges of mid century furniture and design. 

The proximity of the name would have to be tight. To facilitate this, I divided the the first two words of the title with the “L” from salvage. Once satisfied with the composition, a retro sputnik style flourish was added to the top of the ascender. Adding a mid century color palette and halftone overlay to the ends added to the mid century feel. However the style of the ornamental part of the design was ambiguous enough to not pigeonhole the logo into one design era. 

As this is a new company and just starting out, the client currently has no website and is working with me on how to move forward with the digital side of her business. 

I placed the logo on letterheads, bags and business cards for display purposes on this portfolio.